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Club Deal Management

Zenvest is an all-in-one, white-label solution to fund your
opportunities and build the best experience for your investors


The easiest way to manage
dealflow and share investment
opportunities to your club investors



Most efficient plan if you want to
track and collect commitments and
successively send reports at scale

Starting at 99€ per month


The all-in-one platform to also
manage all administrative
paperwork linked to your
investment club

Starting at 199€ per month

Collect investment opportunities & assess these in a standard & structured process

Investor management

Share selected opportunities with your private list of investors of your club

Track investor's interest

Collect level of interest for an opportunity by each investor

Track commitment

Get investors to commit a specific amount on a deal

Investor page

Provide each investor a dedicated page to manage its investment preferences


Easily create & share powerful investment reports in a secured way


Request, collect and track validity of required investment documents. Manage multiple investment vehicles per investor. Add "advisor" and "observer" roles on an investor account for family office delegation


Process signatures directly in Zenvest with legally-binding eSignatures

Document storage

Keep track & store all investor and company related documents & reports in 1 central place

Portfolio valuation

Monitor investment performance for your club and each investor

Audit trail

Generate a centralized stream of all user activity within your club to comply to regulatory purposes

Social layer

Allow members of your community to interact with each other

4 deals, 50 investors
8 deals, 100 investors
12 deals, 250 investors
49€ per month
149€ per month
299€ per month
99€ per month
149€ per month
299€ per month
499€ per month
199€ per month
499€ per month
999€ per month
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You are an enterprise?

Build the tool to meet your club's needs

Each plan includes

Custom installation and support

To help you make the most out of your investment club, each plan comes with a support manager helping with onboarding, customization, training and support. Additional export services are available on request based on your requirements.

Cobranded design

Your investment club on Zenvest will be accessible via a dedicated url and you can upload your logo to customize your platform's look. More in depth customization is only possible with Enterprise plans.

Strictly confidential

Our goal is to help you create a tight-knit community of investors. Privacy is our #1 consideration, so your investors and the deals you create are accessible only by your club. Dedicated hosting features are possible with Enterprise plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if Zenvest is not the right tool for my investors?

We want to make sure Zenvest is the right fit for you and your community. If at the end of your two first deals or after three months of using the platform you're still not convinced, we'll reimburse your subscription.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed the first day at the end of the trail period. We'll process your payment by wire transfer by default, but let us know if you'd prefer to set up an alternative payment method to cover your subscription.

What happens if I exceed the deal or investment threshold on my current plan?

If you exceed the maximum amount of deals or investments included in your plan, you'll be automatically bumped up to the next plan above for the rest of your subscription.

Will my investors be charged for their use of the platform?

The platform is entirely free to use for investors. We will only bill the investment club itself, not its individual members. We'll leave it up to you to choose whether you wish to split the cost with your investors, and how to manage payments with them.

What happens if I want to downgrade my plan?

If a smaller plan if enough to cover your club's needs, ask us to change your plan and you will only be charged your new rate until the end of your subscription.

Does Zenvest take carried interest on successful deals?

No. We only charge for the usage of the platform like a traditional SaaS company. We have no access to the content of your deals or investors.

What if I want my billing plan to become monthly?

By default Zenvest is billed annually only. If you want to be billed monthly this is on request, please contact us.

What happens if as an admin I also want to commit to opportunities presented in my club?

Zenvest lets you switch between different roles within the same club, meaning you can both manage your deals as well as commit personally to the opportunities you choose.

Build the best experience for your investors

Discover the new way to manage your deal-flow and strengthen your community of investors.