The club deal management software

Share opportunities to your community of investors
The investment management platform for private assets

You run a VC fund, an accelerator, an investment club, a startup studio…

Share your deal-flow with your community of investors or monetize your portfolio pro-rata rights by following investments.

Your club, your rules

Determine the guidelines for your investment club and offer alternative investment methods for your community.


Let investors pick which deals they wish to invest in or impose a systematic investment on all your deals.


Free access, carried interest, membership, placement fee: set the rules on your fee structure.


Allow or not interactions among your community of investors and between your community and founders.

The all-in-one solution for investment clubs

Leverage Zenvest’s white-label solution to power your club

Grow your community

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Fund opportunities faster

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Streamline your entire fundraising cycle

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Track your portfolio’s performance

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Build the best experience for your investors

Discover the new way to manage your deal-flow and strengthen your community of investors.